Prevention Costs Less

ProfitLossCrosswordSMThe cost of preventative maintenance and testing plans is incredibly small when compared to the potential costs associated to power interruption. Backup power systems or fire pumps failing to start can have major financial and safety consequences.

Tandet Industrial’s maintenance philosophy is prevention. We don’t leave anything to chance. With over 35 years of experience in the repair and maintenance of diesel power machines, we’ve learned to recognize potential problems before they become a mechanical failure. This has allowed us to establish preventative maintenance programs that take these circumstances into consideration. Our technicians give you the confidence that your backup power equipment will always be ready for the next utility failure.

Tandet can also provide on-site power emergency test exercises. We’ll come to your site and simulate power emergency scenarios. These tests provide additional assurance that not only will the generators work, but that your personnel also know what to expect when a utility power failure occurs and how to monitor to ensure all systems are performing properly.